“EFW is a welcoming place, it is an opportunity to improve my English, to understand English culture.  I like to come here, to talk with people.  EFW is a very friendly place.”
“EFW is a very friendly and helpful community.  I learnt a lot about British traditions and everyday life, and also discovered many interesting facts.  I met new people and made new friends, we often go out for a coffee and it’s very interesting to learn traditions of different countries.
“EFW has given me more help in speaking, reading and writing English.  I am more confident now to use the internet here.  I have made new friends at EFW.  EFW helps me when I go shopping or to school with my son.”



If you are interested in joining the English for Women / English for All communities, please contact admin@englishforwomen.org, or find us on FACEBOOK .