Our Team



Over 50 volunteers including session volunteers, IT, social media/website and finance.

Our volunteers are supported by a dedicated team at both operational and strategic level.


Team leaders

All sessions are coordinated by a team leader who will help learners find the right group for them within the session.

EfA Chelmsford team leader (Monday) – Lynne monday@englishforwomen.org

EfW Goodmayes team leader (Tuesday) – Sheila efwgoodmayes@englishforwomen.org

EfW Chelmsford team leader (Tuesday) – Heather tuesday@englishforwomen.org

EfW Chelmsford team leader (Wednesday) – Sue H wednesday@englishforwomen.org

EfW Chelmsford team leader (Thursday) – Pamela thursday@englishforwomen.org

EfW Harwich team leader (Friday) – tbc – kirsten@englishforwomen.org


Steering Group  steeringgroup@englishforwomen.org

Elizabeth Marshall – Chelmsford Diocese Mothers’ Union representative & Safeguarding Officer

Sian Simpkins – Life Skills Manager for CAP and Former English for Women volunteer

Ruth Collin – Media Trainer and Consultant


Project delivery team

Project Coordinator – Susannah Owen susannah@englishforwomen.org

Project Assistant – Kirsten Esden kirsten@englishforwomen.org


Comments from our learners

“English for Women classes is very helpful for me because my confidence skills and conversation skills are improving so I am very happy.  My daughter is very shy so she sits with me but she is speaking English at home.”

“This class is very helpful for my speaking and listening.  Thank you for everything.”